Unity Local Space vs World Space

Transforming objects or moving objects through space in unity is pretty simple, but you need to keep in mind is it changing based on local space or world space? To transform something based on local space you are altering it relative to it’s current position, Whereas transforming something in world space you are transforming it based on its place in the world view.

A good example of when to use one or the other is based on how its transforming, need to rotate your player character left or move forward? local transformation is your best bet as there is no other factors to worry about. an enemy calculating the distance to the player character and rotating and moving? as this involves more then just the self object using world space is how you would calculate the movement, then translating that movement to local space to actually move.

Moving forward on a local scale would usually mean a vector change of (0,0,1). You are adding 1in the z direction to the current position , you don’t need to know where the current position in relation to world space.