GameDevHQ Crash Course #29 Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline

Changing your project from High Definition Render Pipeline to Universal Render Pipeline in project.

If you are aiming for your project to run on lower end platforms and mobile it might be worth changing your Render base to URP as it offers a slight visual downgrade for a good performance increase and a large time as a lot of the rendering optimisation is done for you.

To get started once you have already begun a project, open your package manager and search for “Universal RP”.

Once that has been downloaded and installed into the project, you can upgrade your materials to the pipeline through the edit option shown below.

If you are using prebuilt assets designed for the URP you may see them looking like this before you upgrade them to the URP, because they are designed for a certain renderer type.

Once you have upgraded the project assets to use the URP then it should look like this.