To get started with using amazon web services we will need to google aws unity or go to(

First step we need to set up a AWS(Amazon Webservices) Account (

Then we go to the link in this section, this will download a zip file. Once that has downloaded unzip the files at least the AWSSDK.S3 file, this will be the one we will be using for now.

Saving a list of highscores to a players device is not too complicated.

For a quicker implementation we will use PlayerPrefs which is a native unity class.

Start with making your default names and scores, have these as separate text elements so it makes it easier to edit them through script.

Once you have all your elements in position we will also add an input field, make it cover the entire name field completely. I also added a button at the bottom to submit the name for the scoreboard.

Setting up the ability to use IK rigging in unity requires the use of a preview package, at least at the time of writing this 25/06/2021

Add the Animation Rigging package to unity through the package manager, if you cannot find it, it may still be in preview build which will require you to enable preview packages.

To enable preview packages in unity go into to project settings through the edit menu or click on the cog in the package manager and select advanced project settings.

Then in Project Settings find the Package Manager submenu, then at the bottom Advanced Settings, Enable Preview Packages.

Using interfaces you can easy track enemies or destructible objects for ontrigger events, for a simple interface we start with a new script, we call it IDamagable. we then change it from a public class that inherits from monobehaviour to a public interface that doesn’t inherit.

This turns it into a interface that we can inherit, we then add some inheritable structs that will use in all our objects that will be destroyed.

Then taking our enemy script we add our IDamagable script through inheritance. …

Using raycast is an effective way of calculating hits for guns.

To do that we need to start our ray from a point on the screen, we are using slightly off centre for our simulation, so we make ourselves a variable to store this vector. we also make ourselves a variable to store our ray and rayhit.

Then using an if statement we check if our raycast hits anything of value for a response, in this case anything with an IDamagable inheritance script. if we find it we are dealing damage, and instantiating a bloodsplatter effect at the point of hit, then starting a corutine which will stop us shooting for a short period of time.

Adding a simple tracking camera to your scene is not too hard, adding a first or third person camera is not more difficult.

First you add your player to the scene, we are using a legally distinct firefighter, then you make the camera a child object of the player like this.

then you need to move yourself into the head of the player and hit control+shift+F this will move your main camera to your current viewports position, don’t worry if it is not 100% accurate to where you want it.

Transforming objects or moving objects through space in unity is pretty simple, but you need to keep in mind is it changing based on local space or world space? To transform something based on local space you are altering it relative to it’s current position, Whereas transforming something in world space you are transforming it based on its place in the world view.

A good example of when to use one or the other is based on how its transforming, need to rotate your player character left or move forward? local transformation is your best bet as there is no…

Making a control scheme that works on both PC and Mobile is very easy in unity, they provide a nice set of customisable default tools that are easy to use.

Navigate your way over to the Unity Asset Store( I have linked directly to the Standard Assets that you can use. This is a free asset from Unity.

With that added to your account head back to Unity and in your package manager add the Standard Assets to your project, you may need to refresh the package manager if it is not automatically updated.

With that added to your project…

Onclick events are a simple but powerful way to make your buttons impactful to your program.

Whether it is something simple as incrementing a counter or some longer functions that check other parts of your code to verify and execute other functions.

Today I am going to go over 2 different uses for onclick events, both involve UI elements.

First one we will be a menu item selection.

First we need some code for this, I will be having 3 menu items. My code also moves a menu bar just below.

This just helps us identify which item is currently…

Last time( I talked about the benefits of abstract classes, lets put them into practice and compare them to interface classes.

We have added a bunch of functions into our base enemy abstract class, these are all classes our enemies. Now to use that we go to our Skeleton class and we replace Monobehaviour with EnemyBase, The name of our abstract class.

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